Love is everything we need. It's true

day 48, vet ikke hvilket som var finest
Love is having someone to love, to be loved. Would you rather be loved or have someone to love?
Some say that love hurts. But it's the only thing that does not hurt. That's when you can feel that someone loves it for that one is. That is when one feels that one is worth something.
Love actually is all in the world. It is not a single place that there is no love. Even where an entire city is destroyed, there is love.
Love is what keeps us together. But it is also what hurt us most. It does not depends to describe love, or how it is to love It's just such a good feeling when love is good that one can not describe it. One can not describe the feeling when you love someone so much and it hurts you. It's the worst that can happen in life. It happens when you least expect it.


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capturepictures // fotoblogg

21.03.2011 kl.21:19

fiine/t bilde/r! :D


21.03.2011 kl.21:26

nydelige, som alltid! :) enig!

Thea :)

21.03.2011 kl.21:32

Det verste bildet var finest :)


21.03.2011 kl.21:48

fine bilder, takk for kommentaren p bloggen min :) det verste var finest, btw

▲ L I S A

21.03.2011 kl.22:42

so agree! fine bilder da :D

sv: haha, jaaaa ^^


22.03.2011 kl.06:40

helt enig ! fine bilder :D

Emilie Nereng

22.03.2011 kl.07:32

Fine bilder!


22.03.2011 kl.09:59

Gratulerer med plaseringa i NM, og engelsken.


22.03.2011 kl.15:51

fiiiine bilder! :D


22.03.2011 kl.16:56

enig ! :)


22.03.2011 kl.20:50

Fiiine bilder!

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